Thursday, March 9, 2017

Weather forecast widget on Ubuntu

Having information about weather forecast right on your desktop is very helpful for everyone, it would be great if my ubuntu desktop have something like that.

Well, you are lucky reading this article, because i'm going to show a cool GUI program that show weather forecast information right on your desktop.

The program i'm talking about is called 'gis-weather', this program developed by noobslab and currently part of official ubuntu repository.

You can install 'gis-weather' on ubuntu like this:
sudo apt-get install gis-weather
Once installed, you can open 'gis-weather' by searching 'gis-weather' on ubuntu dash. You need to setup the city that you want to use to display the weather forecast.

You need to choose the weather service that you wish to use, there are four services that you can choose gismeteo, accuweather, openweathermap, and yr. Each service use different method of entering the city code.

For gismeteo all you need to do is open the web page and go to the city that you want, see the url there should be a code like '5924' for city tokyo, then enter '5924' as city code on 'gis-weather'.

The bad thing about gismeteo, it is not displaying visualization of the weather itself, you might want to use accuweather for better visual, the downside is, using accuweather is little bit complicated to get the city code.

For better information about how to get city code with accuweather, you may visit this url.

Remember, you can change the background of your widget weather, by doing right click mouse on the widget then choose 'Background' and choose the one you like.

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