Friday, March 17, 2017

How to install Android Studio on Ubuntu

Android studio is the standard IDE for developing android apps, it is the official development tool for android, therefore if you want to develop some apps you need to have android studio installed on your ubuntu.

Installing android studio on ubuntu can't be done with 'apt-get install' command, you cannot do that with android studio, but don't worry is not that hard to install android studio on ubuntu, i'm here to help you guys.

Just for the record, this tutorial is based on android studio version 2.2 and ubuntu 16.04, but this should be the same for older or even newer version of android studio.

How to install android studio 2.2 on ubuntu 16.04
  • download the android studio zip file on the android studio official page.
  • open command line and then go to the directory where the zip file located
  • extract the zip file to /opt/ directory
  • sudo unzip -d /opt/
  • run the
  • /opt/android-studio/bin/
  • follow the setup wizard
  • done! you have just installed android studio on your ubuntu

Everytime you want to open android studio, all you have to do is run the from the command line.

~ happy coding ~

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