Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Sticky notes on Ubuntu using Xpad

Another cool notes app that you can try is Xpad, using Xpad you can create notes with a style of real world sticky notes. From the interface you can tell that Xpad is simple and easy to use.

Xpad is not installed by default on ubuntu, not like lubuntu which comes pre-installed, but don't worry, you still can install Xpad on ubuntu, with this:
sudo apt-get install xpad
Once installed, you can search on ubuntu dash for keyword 'xpad', then open Xpad to start using it, if you have desktop dock such as docky or plank, i strongly suggest to do 'pin to dock' on Xpad for easy access.

By default Xpad comes with style of 'post-it' notes, but you can customize this look to make it different, you can can customize the color of the each notes individually or globally.

To customize a single note, do right click > Pad > Properties > Use these colors:

To customize the whole note, do right click on any note > Edit > Preferences

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