Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Digital drawing with Krita on Ubuntu

Krita is an open source program for digital painting available on ubuntu, krita originally runs on KDE desktop environment (kubuntu), but if you like you can install it on ubuntu.

If you are an artist who love to draw, krita might be the program that you are looking for, krita has many options for brushes and have more precision over other drawing program.

Krita is part of ubuntu official repository so you can install krita on ubuntu using apt-get install command like this:
sudo apt-get install krita
Once installed you can open krita by searching 'krita' on ubuntu dash.

If you have a wacom tablet, you can use it with krita, using wacom tablet and krita can gives you real-world painting experience, if you know how to paint.

The user interface of krita is simple and easy to use, if you familiar with other painting program you will master krita in no time. 

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