Tuesday, March 14, 2017

How to show chinese calendar on Ubuntu

If you are a chinese person or you can speak chinese and understand chinese writings, you may want a chinese calendar on your ubuntu desktop. Lucky for you, there is a chinese calendar on ubuntu.

This chinese calendar is available on official ubuntu repository, no need to add PPA repo, you can install chinese calendar with command below:
sudo apt-get install chinese-calendar
Once installed, you can search on ubuntu dash keyword 'chinese-calendar', it will appears on the application panel on top right corner of your ubuntu desktop.

All the menu is in chinese, since i don't understand chinese writings, i don't know what are the options, but one thing for sure you can change the color of the calendar, red or blue, that's all i know.

I believe this chinese calendar is come pre-installed on ubuntu kylin, maybe there is more package from ubuntu kylin that you can install on ubuntu.

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