Wednesday, March 8, 2017

How to show Hardware info on Ubuntu

There is a time when i want to know what kind of processors (CPU) i have, what is the speed, how much memory i have and so on. Unfortunately the built in software on ubuntu can't provide these kind of information.

So we need to install special program that can help us showing hardware information of our own computer. There is a program called 'inxi', with this program we can see what type of CPU we have, the speed, how much RAM, HDD, and other useful information.

To install 'inxi' on ubuntu you can do it like this:
sudo apt-get install inxi
You can run inxi, simply like this:

Sample output:
CPU~Quad core Intel Core i5-3470 CPU (-MCP-) clocked at 1600.000 Mhz 
Kernel~3.13.0-63-generic x86_64 Up~1 day 
Mem~6022.4/7932.5MB HDD~1000.2GB(75.4% used) 
Procs~288 Client~Shell 

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