Thursday, March 2, 2017

Playing Music On Console (MOC) Ubuntu

I already tell you about 'cmus', a music player on the command line of ubuntu, but there is another command line based music player called 'moc' stand for 'music on console'. In this article i will show you how to install and use 'moc' on ubuntu and compared it with cmus to see which one is better.

What's the different between 'moc' and 'cmus'? in my opinion, using 'moc' is much easier than using 'cmus'. On 'cmus' you need to add music files with ':add' command and then play the music, while on 'moc' you don't need to do that.

When you run 'moc', you got to window on the left side you can navigate inside your computer directories to look for music files, simply use the arrow keyboard up and down and press enter to go inside a folder. On the right side is your playlist which you can add any music files you like.

How to install moc on ubuntu
To install moc on ubuntu simply run this command:
sudo apt-get install moc

How to run moc on ubuntu
to run moc, simple run 'mocp' command, don't use 'moc' command it won't work.

How to use moc on ubuntu?
Here's some commands that you can use inside 'moc'.

q              = Detach MOC from the server
ENTER          = Start playing at this file or go to this directory
DOWN           = Move down in the menu
UP             = Move up in the menu
PAGE_DOWN      = Move one page down
PAGE_UP        = Move one page up
HOME           = Move to the first item in the menu
END            = Move to the last item in the menu
Q              = Quit
s              = Stop
n              = Play next file
b              = Play previous file
p SPACE        = Pause
f              = Toggle ReadTags option
S              = Toggle Shuffle
R              = Toggle Repeat
X              = Toggle AutoNext
TAB            = Switch between playlist and file list
l              = Switch between layouts
               = Switch on/off play time percentage
a              = Add a file/directory to the playlist
C              = Clear the playlist
A              = Add a directory recursively to the playlist
Y              = Remove playlist entries for non-existent files
<              = Decrease volume by 1%
>              = Increase volume by 1%
,              = Decrease volume by 5%
.              = Increase volume by 5%
RIGHT          = Seek forward by n-s
LEFT           = Seek backward by n-s
h ?            = Show the help screen
M              = Hide error/informative message
^r ^l          = Refresh the screen
r              = Reread directory content
H              = Toggle ShowHiddenFiles option
m              = Go to the music directory (requires an entry in the config)
d              = Delete an item from the playlist
g /            = Search the menu
V              = Save the playlist
^t             = Toggle ShowTime option
^f             = Toggle ShowFormat option
o              = Play from the URL
G              = Go to the directory containing the currently played file
i              = Go to a directory
U              = Go to '..'
^g ^n          = Find the next matching item
^x ESCAPE      = Exit from an entry
]              = Silent seek forward by 5s
[              = Silent seek backward by 5s
M-1            = Set volume to 10%
M-2            = Set volume to 20%
M-3            = Set volume to 30%
M-4            = Set volume to 40%
M-5            = Set volume to 50%
M-6            = Set volume to 60%
M-7            = Set volume to 70%
M-8            = Set volume to 80%
M-9            = Set volume to 90%
'              = Mark the start of a block
"              = Mark the end of a block
!              = Go to a fast dir 1
@              = Go to a fast dir 2
#              = Go to a fast dir 3
$              = Go to a fast dir 4
%              = Go to a fast dir 5
^              = Go to a fast dir 6
&              = Go to a fast dir 7
*              = Go to a fast dir 8
(              = Go to a fast dir 9
)              = Go to a fast dir 10
UP             = Go to the previous entry in the history (entry)
DOWN           = Go to the next entry in the history (entry)
^u             = Delete to start of line (entry)
^k             = Delete to end of line (entry)
x              = Toggles the mixer channel
w              = Toggles the software-mixer
E              = Toggles the equalizer
e              = Reload EQ-presets
K              = Select previous equalizer-preset
k              = Select next equalizer-preset
J              = Toggle mono-mixing
u              = Move playlist item up
j              = Move playlist item down
^u             = Add a URL to the playlist using entry
T              = Switch to the theme selection menu
F1             = Execute ExecCommand1
F2             = Execute ExecCommand2
F3             = Execute ExecCommand3
F4             = Execute ExecCommand4
F5             = Execute ExecCommand5
F6             = Execute ExecCommand6
F7             = Execute ExecCommand7
F8             = Execute ExecCommand8
F9             = Execute ExecCommand9
F10            = Execute ExecCommand10
L              = Display lyrics of the current song (if available)
P              = Toggle displaying full paths in the playlist
z              = Add (or remove) a file to (from) queue
Z              = Clear the queue

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