Monday, March 13, 2017

Show process list using htop on Ubuntu

Ubuntu comes with a tool named 'top' for showing process list on your computer, but sometimes 'top' is little bit too simple and uncustomizable, there is a better version of 'top' called 'htop' on ubuntu, this article i will talk little bit about 'htop'.

Unlike 'top', 'htop' does not come pre-installed on ubuntu, but you still can install 'htop' on ubuntu using apt-get command, 'htop' is part of official ubuntu repository. so you can install like this:
sudo apt-get install htop
Obviously, you can run 'htop' from command line like this:

Judging by the appearance, 'htop' is more colorful than the standard 'top', due to the colors, it's also easier to read the information.

Here's some of htop key features :
  1. display in colors
  2. filter the process
  3. search feature
  4. customizable display
  5. display process in tree
  6. kill a process 
Bottom line 'htop' is a lot better than the basic 'top', it is also easier to use in my humble opinion, but it's up to you, stick with 'top' or switch to 'htop'.

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