Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Plank vs Docky, which one better?

Plank and docky is almost identical in terms of overall look and feel, they both dock program that available on ubuntu, plank is more simple and straight forward while docky is more advanced in terms of feature.

If you ask me which one is better, docky or plank? it depends on your style, if you just want a simple docking program with good performance, then plank is the best for you.

But if you want a nice animation effect, more docklets options, customization, and you have no problem with computer resources, then you docky is what you are looking for.



If you have older computer, probably best using plank, because it's minimalist and theoretically runs better on older hardware, plank is probably consume less resources than docky.

If you noticed, docky and plank they both have the same logo (anchor logo), people might think they're the same thing, that's because they both share the same library, plank is the base library that can be extend to create another dock program.

So we can say that, plank is the father of docky, docky may have more advanced feature than plank but without plank, docky wouldn't exist in this world.

Besides plank and docky, there are other dock app or dock program on ubuntu, such as cairo dock, avant window navigator, etc. So you are not just limited by two options, i say you should try all of them and then decide which one is best for you.

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