Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Plank, simple dock app for Ubuntu

Plank is another dock app that you can use on ubuntu, compared with docky, plank is more simple and minimalist, also i found that plank is more stable in terms of performance.

How to install plank on ubuntu
sudo apt-get install plank
Once installed, you need to open/run plank first before you can see it on your desktop, by default plank will appear at the bottom of your ubuntu desktop, just like docky, but with plank you can't add more dock, so only one dock available.

In terms of UI and animation, plank is more simple and cleaner than docky, and just like docky you can also change the themes.

To change themes on plank, you need to open the hidden settings, press CTRL + right click mouse on the dock, and then select 'Preferences'. Under 'Appearance' tab you can change the theme.

To add more themes, you can download online themes for plank and then copy the theme folder to ~/.local/share/plank/themes/ for local theme, or /usr/share/plank/themes/ for global theme.

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