Saturday, February 11, 2017

Clementine music player on Ubuntu

Since ubuntu 14.04, the default music player on ubuntu is always rhythmbox, i personally don't like rhythmbox because it's slow, unresponsive and buggy, i prefer clementine as music player on ubuntu.

Clementine is faster and better compared with rhythmbox, it has nicer user interface, simple clean and easy to use. Clementine developed using QT C++ framework that's why it has good performance compared with other music player.

How to install clementine on ubuntu
Clementine is part of official ubuntu repository, so we can just install it like this:
sudo apt-get install clementine
Once installed, you can open clementine from ubuntu dash, by searching 'clementine' and then open the application.

Clementine key features:
  1. cover manager
  2. built-in sound equalizer
  3. music visualization
  4. rip audio cd
  5. play online music from various services
  6. built-in file browser, so you can browse music files from inside the player.
  7. extras sound effect (rain and make it so!)
  8. and many more.

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