Saturday, February 11, 2017

How to install and use Synapse on Ubuntu

Synapse is a super cool application launcher on ubuntu, not only you can search and launch application but you can also search for documents like music files, images, etc. In this post i will show you how to install and use synapse on ubuntu.

How to install synapse on ubuntu
On ubuntu 16.04 synapse is available as part of ubuntu repository, so you just install like this:
sudo apt-get install synapse
Once installed, you can open synapse from ubuntu dash by searching 'synapse'.

How to use synapse
You see after opening synapse and then you click on something else, synapse is disappearing from the screen, actually there is a keyboard shortcut for every time you need to use synapse, simply press CTRL + SPACE on your keyboard, synapse will be show up again.
to open synapse, simply press CTRL + SPACE on your keyboard

The way synapse works is by entering the application name and hit 'enter', synapse will launch the application if found. You can also search for documents such as music files, text files, images, any documents on the computer synapse can search.

By default you can also execute command line on synapse, but it seems the command will be running on the background, so not output is given back to us when executing command line on synapse.

If you open synapse preferences (synapse settings), you can enable the 'startup on login' option and also you change synapse themes. By default synapse comes with five different themes that you can use (virgilio, doish, side doish, essential, and default).

Synapse also comes with a bunch of plugins, you can see list of synapse plugins on synapse preferences/settings under tab 'plugins', you can enable and disable the plugins.

I really enjoy using synapse on ubuntu, it really helps a lot, it makes my life easier, synapse is better than ubuntu dash in my opinion, with synapse you can open and search immediately, wonderful!

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