Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Docky, cool dock app for Ubuntu

docky dock app on ubuntu

Docky is a nice dock app for ubuntu, when installed, docky will be placed at the bottom of your desktop screen, in there you can have shortcut for currently opened apps and also widgets (docklets).

If you want your ubuntu desktop look nicer and cooler, i strongly suggest installing docky, having docky on ubuntu not only make your desktop look nicer but also it's quite useful.

How to install docky on ubuntu?
To install docky on ubuntu, simply open your terminal (press CTRL + ALT + T) and then run this:
sudo apt-get install docky
Once installed, you need to open/run docky first, in order to function properly, open ubuntu dash and then search 'docky', open it.

docky dock app on ubuntu

By default docky will appear at the bottom of your desktop, but you can also have docky on other place, there are four place docky can be created, bottom, left, right and top of your screen.

docky dock app on ubuntu
docky on ubuntu 16.04

You can create new docky by opening the 'Docky Settings', and then press the 'New Dock' button, to delete the dock, open 'Docky Settings', highlight/select the dock you want to delete and then press 'Delete Dock' button.

docky dock app on ubuntu

You can add new widgets or docklets by opening the 'Docky Settings', and then highlight/select the dock, on 'Docklets' tab you will see a bunch of docklets you can add.

docky dock app on ubuntu

Docky can also be styled with themes to make more blend with your ubuntu theme, by default docky comes with several themes, but you can add custom themes, by clicking the 'Install' button on 'Docky Settings'. You can built your own docky themes or search online somewhere.

How to exit docky?
You can exit/close docky by doing right click on docky icon, and then choose 'Quit Docky', you can also disable the 'Start when user logs in' option on 'Docky Settings' if you don't want docky automatically load after booting the computer.

Finally, if you feel that docky is annoying, and you want to uninstall/remove it, you can run this command:
sudo apt-get purge docky
sudo apt-get autoremove

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