Saturday, January 7, 2017

Showing MySQL process using MyTop

When working with mysql database server, it would be great if we can monitor all process that's happening inside the database server, this kind of feature could be handy during performance test.

Is there anything like that in this world? a tool that can show process of mysql database server? behold my friend, 'mytop' is the one you looking for, 'mytop' is a command line tool that can display mysql process.

You can tell that 'mytop' is inspired by program called 'top' on ubuntu. You can install 'mytop' on ubuntu using command below:

sudo apt-get install mytop
You can run mytop like this:
mytop -h localhost -u root -p yourpassword

Mytop have some parameters which you can take a look at the manual page, like this
man mytop

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