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Play music on command line Ubuntu

Play music on the command line Ubuntu

When i say, you can do anything on the command line, that's include playing music on the command line. In this article i'm going to show you that, it is possible to playback music files (mp3, ogg, wav, etc) on the command line of ubuntu.

Using program called 'cmus' we can play music while on the command line, 'cmus' is a text-based or console-based music player, 'cmus' stand for 'C-music player', so i guess it's made from c programming language.

How to install cmus on ubuntu
Cmus is part of ubuntu repository, so you can go ahead install using apt-get like this:
sudo apt-get install cmus
Once installed you can run 'cmus', by typing 'cmus' on the command line, but first you need to take a look at the manual page, so that you can understand some of the built in command in cmus.
man cmus
How to use cmus?
Basically here's what you need to know, before you can use cmus:

To add music files you need to type ':add' inside cmus and then specify the location of the music files, it could be a single file or a folder.

:add /home/kernelpanic/Music/
cmus command line music player ubuntu

To delete/remove a music file, simply highlight the music and then press 'DELETE' button on your keyboard. You can highlight using your up and down button on the keyboard.

To start playing some music, simply press 'ENTER' button on your keyboard or press 'x' button on your keyboard.

To pause a music press 'c' button, and to stop a music press 'v' button on your keyboard, to go to the next music/song press 'b' button on your keyboard.

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