Friday, January 13, 2017

How to show weather forecast on command line Ubuntu

How to show weather forecast on command line Ubuntu

When you are working on command line mode, it is very handy if you can get information about weather forescast within the command line itself, is it possible to do that?

Somebody is clever enough to think of it, so the answer is yes, there is a program on command line that can show weather forecast information, of course it is fetching the data from the internet, so you still need internet connection for that.

The program that i'm talking about is called 'ansiweather', this cool program is not installed by default on ubuntu, so you need to install first using this command:
sudo apt-get install ansiweather
How to use ansiweather?
To use ansiweather is pretty simple, run the command 'ansiweather -l' followed by the location that you wish to see, for example you want to know weather forecast for singapore, so you just type in 'ansiweather -l singapore'.
ansiweather -l [location-name]
ansiweather -l singapore
There are other parameters that you can use with 'ansiweather', you might want to see the manual or help page for 'ansiweather'.
AnsiWeather 1.06 (c) by Frederic Cambus 2013-2015

USAGE: ansiweather [options]

Options are :

 -l Specify location
 -u Specify unit system to use (metric or imperial)
 -f Toggle forecast mode for the specified number of upcoming days
 -F Toggle forecast mode for the next five days
 -d Toggle daylight data display
 -a Toggle ANSI colors display
 -s Toggle symbols display
 -k OpenWeatherMap API key
 -h Display usage

EXAMPLES: ansiweather -l Moscow,RU -u metric -s true -f 5 -d true

Pretty cool, huh? the only problem is the weather icon is too small, hard to see, if the developer can fix it that would be great.

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