Friday, January 6, 2017

How to show package dependency on Ubuntu

When you install a program or software package on ubuntu, it's hard to tell what are the package dependencies for that particular software, you never know until you run 'apt-get install' command, so is there a way to show package dependency before installing it?

Yes there is, we can use 'apt-cache' command to show package dependency, i already show you that 'apt-cache' command can be used to search for software package on ubuntu, it can also be use to show package dependency.

To show package dependency, simply run 'apt-cache depends' followed by the name of the software package you wish to see. And remember 'apt-cache' command does not need root privilege, so no need to use 'sudo'.
apt-cache depends [package-name]
apt-cache depends sl
apt-cache depends clementine
apt-cache depends build-essential

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