Tuesday, January 10, 2017

How to change default apps on Ubuntu

This is another beginner tutorial, on ubuntu you can change default application for several category such as default app for web browser, default app for email client, default app for music, and so on. In this tutorial i'm going to show you how to change default app on ubuntu.

There are six category that you can set the default application, they are:
  1. Web (web browser)
  2. Mail (email client)
  3. Calendar (calendar app)
  4. Music (music player)
  5. Video (video player)
  6. Photos (photo viewer)
You can set default application on ubuntu using the 'Details' tool, which already exist inside your ubuntu system, no need to install.

There are several ways to open ubuntu 'Details' tool, you can choose one of these method:
  • on ubuntu dash, simply type 'details', and then choose the gear icon

  • open ubuntu 'System Settings' (the gear icon with a wrench on it), and then scroll down to the 'System' section and choose 'Details'.

  • take a look at the top right of ubuntu desktop, next to the clock applet/indicator there is a small gear icon, click it and then choose 'About This Computer'.

Once the 'Details' tool is open, choose 'Default Application', there you can set your default application for each category i mention earlier.

For example you want the default web browser to be 'chromium', by default it is mozilla firefox, you can set the default browser into 'chromium' by choosing 'chromium' in the drop down list, of course you need to have 'chromium' installed before you can see it on the browser drop down list.

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