Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Workbench error 'Cannot start SSH tunnel manager'

This morning i got an error when i try to open mysql workbench on my desktop pc running ubuntu 14.04, the error was 'Cannot start SSH tunnel manager'. This happened every time i try to connect to any MySQL database server, even the one on localhost.

This never happened before, so i search online and found an article saying that the problem was paramiko, which is python based package for ssh connection, i try reinstall python-paramiko but the error remains.

So i decided to run mysql-workbench from command line to see what is the real error message, and i found out that the real error was 'Gnome keyring daemon seems to not be available. Stored passwords will be lost once quit'.

So i search online again and found out that there is actually a bug on mysql workbench 6.0.8 (the default workbench version that comes with ubuntu 14.04). The solution is to install mysql workbench community version 6.2.5, because it was fix on this version.

How to fix this error
  • download the mysql-workbench community version 6.2.5 from here or here
  • uninstall your current mysql-workbench
  • sudo apt-get purge mysql-workbench
    sudo apt-get autoremove
  • install the mysql-workbench 6.2.5 that you just download.
  • sudo dpkg -i mysql-workbench-community-6.2.5-1ubu1404-amd64.deb
    sudo apt-get install -f
  • done.

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