Wednesday, December 7, 2016

How to install LXQt desktop on Ubuntu 16.04

Ubuntu comes with default gnome desktop, but that doesn't mean you can't use other type of desktop, for example LXQt desktop. If you like, you can install LXQt desktop on ubuntu 16.04.

Okay cool, but what's the point of having another desktop system on ubuntu? well let's say you are getting bored with your standard ubuntu desktop, you want something new, then it's good to have another desktop.

And don't worry you still be able to switch back to your standard ubuntu desktop, as the matter of fact you can switch back and forth between the standard gnome desktop and the LXQt desktop.

Alright, so how do i install LXQt desktop on my ubuntu 16.04 machine? very easy, all you have to do is install a package called lxqt, like this:
sudo apt-get install lxqt
To use LXQt desktop, you need to logout (restarting your computer would be a good idea too) and then on the ubuntu login screen, select the user you want to use, there will be a button which let you choose LXQt desktop or the standard ubuntu desktop.

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