Thursday, June 9, 2016

Boot error when creating Live USB using unetbootin

I have just download ubuntu 16.04 disk image (ISO) and i want to create a live usb stick, i use program called unetbootin to create the live usb stick.

The live usb stick creation was successful, but when i try to boot the live usb stick, i got an error,  it says 'boot error', i try to format the usb stick/usb drive but it's always the same.

I always got 'boot error' message when trying to boot the live usb stick, no matter what i did it's always error, and then i googled about it, it seems the problem is on ubuntu itself as mention in here

Besides unetbootin, you can also use program called usb-creator-gtk, but seems that you can't create the live usb with lower ubuntu version, so it's also useless.

The only solution for this is using universal usb installer program which only available on windows, so for now if you want to create live usb stick, use universal usb installer on windows.

Universal usb installer always work for me, i had no problem with live usb stick that created from universal usb installer on windows.

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