Friday, April 29, 2016

Unzip everything with dtrx on Ubuntu

Dtrx is a program for unzip/extract various archive file such as .tar, tar.gz, bz2, zip, etc. With one program and one command you can extract all kind of archive files. 

Dtrx stands for 'Do the right extraction', it's an intelligent archive extraction program, you don't have to remember all command and parameter for each archive files.

To install dtrx on ubuntu is very easy, all you have to do is open terminal/ console/ command line, and then run this command:

sudo apt-get install dtrx

Once installed you can start using dtrx from the command line, simply run dtrx with one parameter which is the archive file name you want to extract, like this:

dtrx [name-of-the-archive-file]

dtrx mydata.tar.gz
dtrx ubuntu_files.tar

One program for all kind of archive format, one program to rule them all, that's what dtrx is all about. But not just that, from the creator website, we can see that dtrx have other great features, such as:
  • Handles many archive types: You only need to remember one simple command to extract tar, zip, cpio, deb, rpm, gem, 7z, cab, lzh, rar, gz, bz2, lzma, xz, and many kinds of exe files, including Microsoft Cabinet archives, InstallShield archives, and self-extracting zip files. If they have any extra compression, like tar.bz2 files, dtrx will take care of that for you, too.
  • Keeps everything organized: dtrx will make sure that archives are extracted into their own dedicated directories.
  • Sane permissions: dtrx makes sure you can read and write all the files you just extracted, while leaving the rest of the permissions intact.
  • Recursive extraction: dtrx can find archives inside the archive and extract those too.

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