Thursday, January 7, 2016

How to install synaptic package manager on Ubuntu

I believe since ubuntu 11.04, the synaptic package manager are no longer available on ubuntu installation, instead they choose ubuntu software center as the default software manager, which more fancy than synaptic.

But if you prefer the more simpler, synaptic package manager than ubuntu software center as your software manager, you still can have it on your ubuntu, i'm going to show in this tutorial.

Step by step how to install and run synaptic package manager on ubuntu
  • open terminal/console/command line and then type this command to install program called gksu (basically it's a graphical tool version of sudo)

  • sudo apt-get install gksu

  • next install the synaptic itself

  • sudo apt-get install synaptic

  • next run synaptic with gksu from the command line

  • gksu synaptic

  • enter your root password, make sure there is no other program that use root at the moment
  • done, you should be able manage software package with synaptic now

It's up to you whether you want to use synaptic package manager or ubuntu software center, for me i like installing and uninstalling software through command line, i really don't need graphical tool.

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