Saturday, November 5, 2016

How to show again keyboard shortcut on Ubuntu

If you noticed, after installing ubuntu, when you first time shown the ubuntu desktop screen, there will be a pop up showing keyboard shortcut on ubuntu. This pop-up window will disappear after you click on something.

Is there a way to show this keyboard shortcut pop-up window again? because i think it's quite important for someone new to ubuntu, they probably didn't know such a keyboard shortcut exist. Don't worry guys i'm here to save you all!

The trick is to press and hold the super button for a few seconds until the pop-up keyboard shortcut appear. I know superman, but what is super button? super button is button on your keyboard that's probably marked as window icon.

How to show ubuntu keyboard shortcut pop-up window?

Press and hold the super button on your keyboard for a few seconds

That's it !

~ good luck ~

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