Saturday, July 30, 2016

How to use Virtualbox on Ubuntu

On previous article we have install virtualbox on ubuntu, now it's time for me to show you how to use it. In this tutorial i'm going to create a virtual machine that's running ubuntu as well, so the host machine is ubuntu and the virtual machine is also ubuntu.

Step by step how to create virtual machine with virtualbox on ubuntu

  • Step 1. Press the 'New' button to start creating a new virtual machine

  • Step 2. Enter name for the virtual machine, i'm going to call it 'my_ubuntu', choose the type 'Linux' and version 'Ubuntu' and then hit 'next'.

  • Step 3. Memory size, i'm going to choose the recommended setting, so just hit 'next'.

  • Step 4. Hard disk, choose 'Create virtual hard disk now' and then hit 'create'.

  • Step 5. Hard disk file type, choose VDI (VirtualBox Disk Image).

  • Step 6. Storage on physical hard disk, choose 'Dynamically allocated'.

  • Step 7. File location and size, leave it as it is, hit 'create' button

  • Step 8. Click on settings button, go to storage, press the plus button on 'Controller: IDE' section, and then click on 'Choose disk', select the disk image of the operating system you going to install.

  • Step 9. Click the start button to start the virtual machine.
  • Step 10. Follow the setup wizard to install OS on the virtual machine.

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