Wednesday, February 24, 2016

How to enable disable network on Ubuntu

In this article i will show you how to enable and disable network on ubuntu, using graphical interface and also from command line/console/terminal.

Enable/disable network using graphical interface

To enable and disable network on ubuntu using graphical interface is very easy to do, you can use the network applet to do that.

If you click on the network manager applet on ubuntu, there is an option to enable networking, if it's checked that means the networking is enable, and if unchecked then the network is disable.

Actually there are two options on network manager applet of ubuntu, 'Enable Networking' and 'Enable WiFi', that means if you want, you can also enable/disable only the wifi network.

network manager applet on ubuntu

Enable/disable network using command line/console/terminal

If you love command line so much, just like me, you can disable and enable network from command line mode/console/terminal.

To enable or disable network using command line mode, you can use program called nmcli, i think nmcli is the command line version of network manager applet.

The good thing about nmcli is that, it doesn't requires root permission, you can run nmcli without root access.

To enable network
nmcli n on

To disable network
nmcli n off

You can learn more the functionality of nmcli by running this command:
nmcli help

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